The Best Cannabis Friendly Activities

When it comes to consuming cannabis, whether you are vaping it, smoking it, eating it, or adding it in topically, there are many amazing ways to get your favorite medical plant into your life. But you may be wondering what other things you could be doing before, during, or after to make the most out of your experience?

New ideas never hurt. Today we’re bringing you some of our most inspired ideas so that when you go to places like or a dispensary in your area, you’re never out of ideas for what you should do. Whether you want to get that total relaxation and warm body feel from a hot shower or bath or fun outdoor activity to get you outside and enjoying nature or to find a new food place near you, we’ve got ideas that cover different things across the board.

Read these and check them out to get inspiration and ideas for what your cannabis-friendly activities might include!

Make a sandwich or food ahead of time to eat later. The best thing that you can do for your future self? Make some food and then leave it for you to enjoy later. Making a meal or a sandwich along with a drink and then going to partake means that you have all of the food and none of the work to make it when you get back. It’s like you won the lottery, only it’s food.

Chill in a hammock. Buy one and a stand if you don’t have trees outside or inside and you’re good to go. Instant relaxation and a great nap spot.

Hookah. After cannabis consumption, this is just a nice fruit-flavored way to relax and hang out, whether alone or with friends.

Outdoor trampoline. Getting air in the sun is one of the easiest ways to feel totally free and have genuine fun!

Hot Shower/Hot Bath/Hot Tub. The heat relaxes your muscles and helps you forget about your stress.

Have a cookout. Food grilling and people chilling are the marks of a great time.

Catch a sports game. When you’re paying attention, you hardly notice that it’s been over an hour as you cheer on your favorite team.

Try a new food place. Give the hottest ticket in town that you’ve never had a shot. You could be surprised and even find a new food place.

Read a book. If you’re feeling calm and focused, why not catch up with a good book?

Go hiking. The beauty of nature visually combined with the health benefits will leave you feeling like a million bucks and totally recentered.

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