The Pros And Cons of Cremation

Cremation now accounts for half or more of all burials. While it is increasingly popular, it may not be right for everyone. We’re going to address some of the pros and cons of cremation. We’re also going to share a few observations about cremation that may affect your decision one way or the other but are not clear pros and cons.

The Points in Favor of Cremation

One of the greatest benefits of cremation is the cost-savings. You can rent a casket for the body to be shown, but it doesn’t have to be burned along with the body. You can arrange a modest funeral or a fancy one. Or you can choose a straightforward, affordable direct cremation. You can visit sites like to learn more about how much cremation costs. Note that cremation doesn’t prevent you from honoring your loved one’s memory. You can still have a memorial service with their urn present or gather your family for the scattering of their ashes.

Cremation is arguably the most eco-friendly burial option available. You’re not using up land that could be put to productive use or left wild. Cremation may result in ashes in an urn, but it won’t require hardwood trees to be felled to create a coffin or the use of toxic chemicals that can leak into the groundwater.

Cremations are more flexible. Once the body has been turned to ash, you can ship the ashes where you’d like them interred or scattered. There are fewer restrictions on transporting cremains, as well. Furthermore, you can put the deceased to rest anywhere. For example, graveyards that lack space for new burials are installing storage locations for dozens of urns. You may even be able to bury an urn in a family plot alongside others, though the rules on this vary widely.

The Downsides of Cremation

Cremations aren’t available everywhere, though this is slowly changing. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue in California. serves the greater Los Angeles area.

Burials are more widely accepted, though cremation is becoming more popular. If you don’t pre-plan your funeral and make your wishes clear, your family may fight over what happens to you upon your death.

Observations about Cremation

Cremation should be done very soon after someone dies. The alternatives are an incredibly fast funeral that rarely includes those out of town or preserving the body and gaining extra time for the funeral. Once the cremation is done, you can arrange for memorial services and a burial service at your leisure. The questions you must answer are whether or not you want or your faith requires an intact body and how important it is to you to ensure that far-flung family and friends can attend your funeral.

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