To get cheap flights to New York in February and the most expensive for flights to New York in July till August. In February, you can get USD 643. It depends on the departure times, airlines, class you will take and when you book tickets. The best time to book tickets is based on weather condition.

For the peak season, New York is popular with shopping time so that many travellers decide to buy tickets in December. It is a popular time because in line with Christmas. In December, you can enjoy the big apple, ice-skating etc. Big Apple is the most favourite destination to visit.  Another hand, if you book in the offseason, it starts from January to March. Perhaps, this is the best time to book and get cheap flights. You can go to the beach to see the view without the crowds.

If you find or search the day to get a cheap flight is Tuesday. Tuesday is the cheapest day to book a flight to New York while Saturday is the most pricy. Besides that, to book cheap flights to New York, you should know what time of day to fly. Generally, you try to book at midday because the price of tickets to New York will increase in the afternoon. The airlines you can take such as British Airways, KLM etc. you can get the cheap flights to New York of each airline mentioned.

How to get to the city center from the main airports in New York?

There are three main Airports in New York, those are John F. Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International (EWR) and LaGuardia (LGA). However, the busiest airport is JFK. There are over 50 million passenger’s flight to New York. To get to the city centre. You need 20 km to Manhattan. You can take AirTran JFK to get around the arrival and you can get reach other places such parking area, location for the rental car etc.

From JFK airport to get city centre, you can take a yellow taxi and you have to spend money around $70 including tolls and tips for the driver. If you arrive in EWR you need 24 km to get Manhattan. You can rent a car in around the airport. If you have several hours on overnight flights. You do not need to book a hotel, you can sleep in the airport and ask the staff at the airport to give you a blanket so that you stay warm. All terminals in the airport also offer Free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes. Try to find the cheap flights to New York so that you will get around of New York.


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