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How to Get Cheap Flights to Mexico


If you like the history of the Maya, then Mexico is a place that is perfect for you. Mexico is indeed very famous as a place of civilization from the Maya. There are so many historical relics and ancient sites from the Like Maya period there like Chichen Itza is one of them.

Mexico is a city located in North America which is also directly adjacent to the United States. So you don’t spend a lot of money when visiting here, then you should be able to find moments when there are cheap flights to Mexico. There are several ways that you can follow so that you can get the price of cheap flight tickets. You can find out later after this.

The right time to order flight tickets

Determining the time to buy flight tickets is an important issue to determine whether you can get cheap flights to Mexico tickets. Ideally, the time gap between ticket booking and departure time should have a time interval of 70 days. This also applies if you want to visit Central America.

As for South America, for example, the time needed can be longer, which is 110 days. It’s different if you decide to plan to visit Europe like London, you have to have an interval of 160 days to get cheap flights to London.

Airlines that have routes to Mexico

Certain airlines only have flight routes that have destinations to Mexico. If you start the journey back to Mexico with the origin of the United States, Aeromexico, Delta, and Interjet Fly are the airlines that have the most routes with paths to Mexico.

But if you continue from New York, the airlines that you can choose include Aeromexico, Delta, and Virgin Atlantic. Departing from New York is a popular route aside from Miami to get to Mexico. The cost of a round trip from New York to Mexico can reach $ 843.

Try to avoid on celebration days or holidays

Holidays or celebrations on certain days can also affect the price of airline tickets later. Because it is as much as possible to avoid moments like this. Some of these days such as Constitution Day every first Monday in February, Benito Juarez’s birthday is the third Monday in March, Labor Day on May 1, Independence Day on September 16, and Revolution Day every third Monday in November. By avoiding these days, then you will be easier to find and get cheap flights to Mexico.



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