For intercontinental travelers from the United States, cheap flights to London are so desirable that people are often eager to do even the most unreasonable things to get them. This foolhardiness often makes them vulnerable to schemes and scams that trick them to fall into fake and fraudulent deals. Although real and honest cheap flight tickets are pervasive nowadays due to the competitive atmosphere of the airline business, scams are not rare either. If you are not cautious enough when looking for budget flights, you may fall into their trap. To make sure that you deal only with honest ticket sellers, be sure to follow the following tips.

Mind the tool you use.

With the internet, a smartphone, and a mobile app that is easy and quick to install, booking a flight has never been easier; however, within this easy, simple, and quick system, scams continue to loom. You may think that you will either be scammed or not only after you tap the submit button on your app; however, the fact is that you can be scammed even before you conclude the deal.

Phishing is a very common scam in the online world nowadays. If you use the wrong tool, the secrecy of your data might be compromised during the data input on a specific website or app. Websites might track your data using cookies and other channels, while certain apps are able to snatch your data if you are not aware of the permissions that you have granted to them. Use only a ticket-selling website or app that you trust to avoid this potentially dangerous scam. Don’t get easily tricked by suspicious cheap flight ads that may lead you to visit a bogus site or to install a devious app.

Don’t tap the submit button yet.

When you are filling the online form to book a flight to London, you will eventually have to click or tap the submit button. Before doing so, no matter how rushed you are, stop for a while and make sure that the printable receipt shows the right information. 

This is true for both domestic and international flights. When you want to book cheap flights to Chicago, for instance, you will indeed get the preview of your booking receipt before you press the submit button to finalize the deal. You can still correct the incorrect information before you click the button, but you cannot do so if you have finalized the deal. 

The text that the receipt shows might be small and delicate, but be sure to check it at least twice to make sure that you submit the right information. Only after you are sure that everything that you input is correct that you can proceed to finalize the deal.

Remember that the damage is rather large if you commit this mistake when booking a domestic flight. The damage will be much larger when booking an intercontinental flight, such as the one to London.

Trust only reputable air companies or the ones you have experience with.

There are hundreds of budget airlines on earth because, on virtually every flight destination, there are always budget alternatives. If you want to book cheap flights to Seattle or any other cities in the United States, for example, you can trust Southwest Airlines or Allegiant Air. They generally offer cheaper-than-normal prices for flights to certain destinations. Try to avoid scams as much as possible, choose only budget air companies with a known reputation.

If you are looking for cheap flights to London, you can also rely on air companies that offer budget flights. If you are looking for the ones with known reputation, Norwegian Air and Euro-wings are known for their reliability, affordability, and certainly reputation.

Of course, it is not always easy and sometimes even impossible to determine whether an air company is reputable. Sometimes, due to records of accidents and other problems, air companies with known reputation may also get a bad reputation.

One of the tricks to deal with this confusion is to rely on your experience. If a certain budget air company has been serving you well during your previous flights, you’d better stick with it. Remember that you may not know about the amenities and facilities that a company that you are not familiar with offers.

Always confirm your booking status.

Many times, cheap offers come from third-party sources that claim to help you book your flight and hotel if you book the services through their intermediation. If you do your booking through such a middle person, be sure to check with the flight company and the hotel you book in London after you conclude the deal. If both the air company and the hotel have your booking record, you can be calm. Otherwise, if the air company and/or the hotel say that you haven’t booked anything, you should start to be suspicious.

A scam like this is quite common nowadays. Many third-party booking services may take your money and disappear forever. Bad thing about this scam is that you can find out whether you have been scammed only after you hand your money, not before it. This is the reason why you should trust only the tool that you have experience with.

Read all of the skippable materials.

Don’t skip any reading materials whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. When you book cheap flights to Denver online, for instance, even with honest booking service, there are some reading materials that many people, perhaps including you, often skip. These include a privacy policy, terms and conditions, refund policy, exchange policy, cancellation policy, etc. It is quite convenient to skip those materials because they often use technical words that are rather tedious to read and comprehend. 

Skipping them, however convenient it is, is a dangerous thing to do. You will be prone to every ticket booking disaster if you skip reading them. Hidden deceptions, which can rarely be called scams as they are legally and clearly written, are often found in those materials. You may be able to enjoy cheap tickets, but you may be fined if you cancel your flight or do any other things that those materials regard as “violations.” 

Sometimes, you may have to pay an extra fee even if the fault is on their side. For instance, if the flight schedule has to change and you cannot conform with the change, you may not receive a refund if you have to cancel the flight. Be sure to read those materials and never skip them if you want to avoid those potentially hidden deceptions while searching for cheap flights to London.


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