How A Tax Attorney Can Help You

Whether you’re an individual or a small business, filing taxes are a must. Evading taxes will warrant you either a visit from the IRS, getting fined, or worst, getting jailed. Here’s where a tax attorney comes in. They handle all kinds of tax issues, and some even specialize in handling IRS (Internal Revenue Services) issues. These tax attorneys know how the agency works, which gives them an edge when defending a client who is up in arms with the IRS.

However, tax attorneys aren’t just good for going to court in tax-related cases. They can be hired even when you’re not in tax trouble. Here are some instances where you might need tax attorney services.

Services Offered by Tax Attorneys

1. Estate Planning – Tax attorneys are great at creating estate planning strategies. They can help you with paperwork on minimizing estate taxes, transferring estate assets, and setting up trust funds. They can even help you with an IRS tax levy, an instance where the IRS is reclaiming your estate for a debt you owe.

Estate planning is a complicated task involving a lot of money and articles of value, and with a family fighting for specific items and an amount of money or opposing an IRS tax levy, you would need a tax attorney by your side.

2. Starting A Business – When you’re starting a business, you’ll be needing a tax attorney to help you with defining your capital, buy-and-sell, and business expansion. In addition, a tax attorney can determine even your assets.

3. Settling Tax Disputes – Hiring a certified tax attorney when you are up against the U.S. Tax Court is a good idea. Whether you’re dealing with the state, the IRS, or a local tax figure, a tax attorney can help you since they are familiar with the inner workings of the government and its tax agencies.


Whether you’re trying to win a tax case or wanting to sue a tax authority, or building a business, or anything that involves heavy tax computing, there’s a tax attorney ready to help you. However, keep in mind that before you hire one, you must make sure that they have a license, are reputable and recommended, and have a Master’s in taxation. Some tax attorneys are also certified public accountants, and you’re better off hiring someone well-versed with money and computation.

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