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Google Flights Tickets Valuable Features to Get the Most Comfortable Flight


Buying a flight ticket is much easier and faster today along with the Google Flights tickets. This app allows you to buy a flight ticket only from your gadgets whether your computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Before using this service, let’s talk about anything you must know so you can get a ticket just like what you want.

Filter Your Flight

Filter flight plan by price. source:Upgraded Points

The first thing to consider is finding the exact flight just like what you want. The app helps you to get the best flight by offering several filters. The filter helps to classify the flight that you need based on a particular category. For example, you can use the airlines’ filter to let this online ticket service manage the detail based on the airlines only. It is also possible to use the time filter to get information about flight time. Even, there is also a price filter so you can get a flight ticket on your budget.

Steps to Buy a Ticket

Source: Upgraded Points

There are several steps you have to do to buy a ticket. You don’t need to worry because this app is supported by a variety of features that make you book a ticket easier. After entering the app, you can choose a flight from the departure to the destination. Google Flights explore map is a feature that can help you to get the destinations with its price. Complete the detail and make sure that you have set it right. When it is done and you are sure, click the select button. The last thing to do is that you must complete the purchase by visiting the airline’s website. Wait for the approval and the information about your flight ticket. Soon, you will get your ticket and you are ready to go just like what you have planned before.

Valuable Features

Google is designing Google Flights tickets with a variety of valuable features. The purpose is to help travelers to get the ticket immediately and just like what they want. Let’s learn the features that help to set your flight.


Calendar Features Google Flights

One of the valuable features you can use is Google Flights calendar. Just like the name of the feature, it helps to manage the flight date. You have to include the departure date and return date. This is including whether you want to choose a round trip or one-way trip. Decide also the type of flight you want to use whether it is an economy, premium economy, business, or first-class flight. Don’t forget to include the number of passengers who want to go with you. This feature helps to make sure that there is a flight ticket based on your schedule as well as the alternative.


The next valuable feature designed by Google Flights is Google Flights track. The main function of the feature is to help travelers to track flights and prices. In this case, you can use the feature from your PC, Android, iPhone or iPad. For those who are using a computer, you just go to the official website by using a browser. Then, fill the detail such as the number of stops, cabin class, and the number of tickets you want to buy. You also need to fill the departure airport and destination. Turn on the track prices toggle and your flights. Click the track price toggle and you will get the detail in a few seconds. The steps to track flights and prices by using Android and iPhone or iPad are similar. The additional item is that  you have to select the flight dates on the calendar. When it is set, tap the track price toggle and wait for the result.

Price Alert

The interesting part about using Google Flights is that you can get information about flight prices via email. The Google Flights price alert sends the information to let you know the latest price or if there is any change in the price. There is also a sign of whether if the price is increased or decreased. You will also get flight alternatives along with the prices in the case of an urgent flight. Anytime you get the best flight on a budget, you can book the ticket.

Price Tracker

You may want to know the latest flight price first so you can prepare the money. Just use Google Flights price tracker to answer your question. Select the departure date and the return date and all the flight details. Then, click the search button and wait for a few seconds. You can see the price from the map or the information on the side of the map. As a result, you know the price of the ticket and book it right away if you want to.

The Best Time to Use Google Flights Tickets

So, when do you have to use Google Flight tickets? You can use the app anytime you want to go abroad by plane. The good part is that it covers almost all countries around the world. The Google Flights anywhere feature is designed to help you decide where and when to go while finding out the price and flight tickets. Let say, you are using Google Flights to New York and Google Flights Chicago. By the time you fill the destination column, you will get specific information such as the airlines, the number of stops, the flight time, and the prices. You can also find other destinations on the map. That’s it! Just find the best flight and book for the ticket.

From the explanation above, you know that book a flight ticket is easy and fast along with Google Flights tickets. You can set everything only from the screen of your gadget and get the ticket immediately. The list shows how easy to book a flight ticket along with the valuable features designed by Google Flights. After that, you can focus on other preparations and get ready for a great exploration. The most important thing is that Google Flights tickets support you to flight comfortably, safely, and on a budget. So, anytime you need a flight ticket immediately, just use this app.



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