Christmas Holiday and New Year it must be the greatest moment that you can spend with your family. And this time is a perfect moment for the Best Christmas vacation for Families. Some people prefer to spend this moment at home with their family and some of them prefer to go to some places for vacations. Here are the lists of the places for the best family Christmas vacations that you can visit.


As one of the best destinations in the Christmas holiday for some people, Singapore is identical to the luxurious celebrations of Christmas. Start from the biggest Christmas event such as Christmas Wonderland in Gardens by the Bay, the funny event in Universal Studio which already decorated with Christmas theme. The beauty of the Christmas lamps is great and stunning for the family and a couple.


As the destination of the tomb pilgrimage tour in the Christmas holiday, Vatican becomes the center of all Catholics Cathedral in the world. It is not surprising if the Vatican celebrations of Christmas are charming. Even while you go with your family, you can perform midnight mass worship in Basilica Saint Peter that directly led by the pontiff. It is an impressive holiday, right?

New York, United State of America

New York is popularly known for the luxurious Christmas trees that stand beautiful in Rockefeller Center, the beautiful ice-skating field that surrounded by the skyscrapers. There so many Christmas events that you can visit while you are visiting New York. One of the events that you can visit is Christmas Spectacular held by Radio City, which is not far from Rockefeller Center. This is why New York belongs to one of the best family Christmas vacations.

Sydney, Australia

If the majority of Europe celebrates Christmas in the winter, while in Australia Christmas celebrations are held in the summer. Sydney becomes one of the best destinations in Australia to celebrate Christmas. When it is close to New Year, along the way of Pitt Street Mall is already been decorated with dozens of LED lights that are beautiful and stunning. In each year, the biggest Christmas concert also held in Sydney, which is located in Royal Botanic Garden.

Now you have been already known about some places that you can choose for the best family Christmas vacations. Therefore, you must be interested to visit this place with your family on Christmas holiday and the New Year holiday. And you should make a plan before you go there with your family.


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