When you have a question in your mind about the Best Christmas vacation for Families, then you can also consider the best Christmas vacations for couples. So, do you have any idea or do you already had some recommendations for places to go while you want to celebrate Christmas and vacation with your love partner?. Well, if you have not yet decided on which places that you should go with your loved one, then here are the lists for the places that you can visit with your loved one.


Vienna is located in Austria and famous with the enchantment of its city. When the moment of Christmas begins, you can visit this city to try Christmas Market. While you go for a couple, you can try some foods and beverages from Austria. Even both of you can buy an ornamental Christmas souvenir. This Christmas Market is located in Rathaus city. And while on the night, you and your partner can see the Christmas tree and Christmas lamps in the town hall. So, are you interested to go there this year?


One of the best Christmas vacations for couples maybe in Paris. Paris is popularly known as a romantic city, and become the most choices for a couple to have their vacation. While you are in Paris, you can go with your partner to visit the famous Cathedral in Paris, which familiarly known as Notre Dame. For a couple, both of you can visit the Eiffel Tower, which is the most Iconic place in Paris. Besides that, you can also buy some souvenirs as gifts for your partner and your family.


Copenhagen is located in Denmark, and familiarly known as a happy place in the world which already known since the old times. In Copenhagen, the Christmas atmosphere is merry with the existence of the Christmas Market in Tivoli Gardens. While you and your partner visiting this Copenhagen, you can also feel Christmas with the nuance of Nordic., in the middle of wooden houses and the tress. There are so many areas that sell so many things in Copenhagen, such as in the area of Bredgade, Østerbro, Vesterbo, The Latin Quarter, Strøget, etc.

These are the lists for the best Christmas vacations for couples that you can consider before deciding on which place that you should go with your partner. So, are you interested to visit these places with your loved one? If yes, don’t forget to bring your thick jacket and gloves. Happy Christmas Vacation!


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