Having vacation on holiday such as in Christmas can costs a fortune. The flight tickets, accommodation and fee of the attraction itself can be very expensive in the week of holiday. But still, you can’t miss to plan best Christmas vacations for families since it is once a year quality times with your family. Below are lists of places or attractions that considered affordable vacations for families.

Southeast Asia

There are lots of wonderful places in Southeast Asia you can visit during the Christmas holiday. Not only wonderful, but it also considered affordable vacations for families since the accommodation, food and attractions fee are generally cheap. But keep in mind that the high cost will be in flight, so if you are planning to have vacation in Southeast Asia, make sure you book your flight far before your travel date.

The warm climate of Southeast Asia will give you different Christmas atmosphere. Along with the warm, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and culture in it. Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand are some exotic countries you can visit in Southeast Asia.

Warsaw, Poland

One of the cheapest cities to travel on Christmas holiday in Europe is Warsaw, Poland. Here you can enjoy affordable vacation for families in Europe atmosphere. In Warsaw you can do activities like ice skating in Old Town Square, walking around to admire European architecture that already decorated in Christmas light, visiting Royal Garden of light and also chilling in the outdoor warm pools at Wodny Park. If it’s not enough, you can travel around Europe as Warsaw from as the starter using bus or trains which is cheaper than taking a plane.

Belize, Central America

Warm Christmas is the best for you that usually celebrate Christmas in cold climate. Belize can be your alternative place to have vacation. You can explore the Mayan ruins, dive and snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef and Great Blue Hole. You can also take a hike on Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve to enjoy the pine forest, waterfalls and caves. Surprisingly, if you are searching the price to travel there now, it is pretty cheap and accommodation in Belize also offers a great deal.

Orlando, Florida

During the holiday, especially Christmas and New Year, Orlando’s hotels usually offer great deal of discount. You can get almost the half from the original price from the hotel. And if you are booking the flight early to Orlando, you can get the best price too. This makes Orlando as affordable vacation for families. It is a family city where there are lots of attractions for you and family to enjoy. Disney World, Universal Studio, Exotic Animal Experience and Sea World Orlando are places that can be visited with your kids. There is also Discovery Cove that you can explore by Snorkeling in Orlando.


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