Where should I bring my loved one for our dinner? Have you ever had this question in your mind, close to the special days of your love relationship? It is normal. Choosing the best place would multiply the specialness of that moment. So, here we have several recommendations for romantic restaurants you can pick. Have a great dinner, best romantic moment, and maybe, a great start to move to the next stage of your love relationship.

1. El Jardin Secreto (The Secret Garden)

Our first romantic restaurants are a garden-themed restaurant located in Madrid, Spain. The lighting has been adjusted to create the special atmosphere you and your partner can enjoy. The interior design is also full of beautiful decoration. The unique ceiling, balloons decoration on top, as well as indoor and outdoor seating allows you to choose how you want to create your special moment. Furthermore, you can even get a swing as your chair. As for the food, they have the best dessert list to help you create the sweetest night you ever had.

2. Dopolavoro

If you want to taste the premium romantic restaurants, Dopolavoro is the right place. Located at the JW Marriott in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy, you can only reach this place by boat. Why? It is because the building where this restaurant can be found is in the middle of Rose Island. But, your long trip will be rewarded handsomely. A Michelin star quality dinner with the most beautiful view of Venice is ready to accompany both of you. Guaranteed, you will get the best moment that you want.

3. Mon Ami Gabi

What can’t beat French dinner for a romantic dinner with the loved one? So, take your baby to this restaurant. Mon Ami Gabi is one of the best French eateries in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are looking for a perfect ambiance to create a lovely night, this is one of the best romantic restaurants you can choose.

Situated under the (fake aka replica) Eiffel Tower, this restaurant is noticeable among other buildings in the area. Moreover, from your seat, you can easily watch the fountain dancing in the Bellagio. What could be a great night than this? Then, to heat the romance more, try the eighty French wines on the wine cart provided by Mon Ami Gabi. Now, you are ready to take your loved one to fly to the moon.

4. L’Auberge

Our next romantic restaurants are L’Auberge restaurants in Sedona, Arizona. A great place where you can spend your evening with your loved one in a relaxing situation. They don’t play around when designing this place. The beautiful sycamore trees, the lighting, and the scenery offer the best place where you can escape from the stressful daily routine. If you are looking for the best place to spend your weekend with someone that closes to you, this is it. And, do not forget to try their salted caramel brownie. It is delicious.

5. Olive & Ivy

The last place we recommend to you is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Olive & Ivy restaurant offers you the natural atmosphere. Try the outside seating. You can enjoy the relaxing and romantic nuance under the beautiful trees. Then, the Mediterranean food also is ready to satisfy your palate. As for the dessert, try their delicious gelato. It is simple, but you won’t believe the taste you will get.


Some of the romantic restaurants may be difficult to visit during the current condition. But, once you have a chance to go, do not hesitate. Guaranteed, you will get the best romantic moment with your loved one in all of those restaurants.


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